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Services Designed With You In Mind

Facing legal issues is often overwhelming and frightening, even for sophisticated people with knowledge of the law. It does not have to be this way if you have the help of the right attorney. Having an experienced advocate, adviser, coach, and listener who owes a duty of loyalty to you, –who is on your side every step of the way– can put your mind at ease and help you to feel confident about your decisions.

I am attorney Lockey E. White and at my firm, Lockey Legal LLLC, my staff, and I are dedicated to honestly explaining to you the pros and cons of your legal options.  Our goal is to make your legal options easy to understand. From my office near the Farmers’ Market on the bayfront of Hilo, Hawaii, I help clients throughout Hawaii, on the mainland United States, and globally with various matters as both an attorney and as a consultant.

Most of my clients I serve remotely via the internet and telephone, so you need not live anywhere near Hilo in order to benefit from my services.  For those close by, I welcome in-person appointments also.  In January, 2021 I made my law firm lobby an abstract art gallery featuring my original art.  I have experience working for very large law firms in big high-rise towers on the mainland, at corporate legal departments, government legal departments etc… but I prefer my little independent boutique law firm in Hilo.  Why?  So that I never feel a chasm between myself and my clients. So many lawyers seem so out of touch!  My skills in law are world-class, yet my service to you is from the heart and truly homegrown.

During my time in mainstream big corporate and government law, I always saw the same game.  And that game is killing all of us!  It is time to be honest with ourselves and to do what we can to remove the disfunction in the legal profession.  I am here to help real people solve real problems and not create bigger ones.

I help people and small organizations and businesses to cut through the ego-driven grey suits’ money and power games.  If you are still reading this you likely understand what I am talking about.  Sometimes it helps to have an educated warrior with a sharp sword who still believes in justice and goodness on your side!  I am very good at shining a bright light on the darkness of a legal matter to stop the festering of bullshit.  (Don’t worry, I don’t talk this way in court, but you get the picture!)

Life on earth is short.  Don’t let your legal issues ruin the precious moments that you have alive here on earth!  Just have faith, hire a competent attorney, and relax so that you can enjoy this gift of existence that much more.  Tackling your legal issues gives you a sense of empowerment, cleansing, and a new beginning.

You do not have to work through your legal issues alone, it is impossible to be an expert in everything.  Even if you understand how to do it yourself, it can be emotional and irritating.  I am here to answer questions, as well as guide you through the process of finding a workable solution to your case.

While I do not practice family law, criminal law, employment law, workers’ compensation, disability, tax, and patent law generally, I can try to point you in the right direction so that you can find someone who can help.  All other legal matters, especially if they are related to the State of Hawaii, I will do my best to help with.  If it requires specialized expertise that I am unable to acquire as needed, I will let you know.

My experience and training include the following areas of the law:

Real estate, civil litigation, liens, bankruptcy, debtor/creditor issues, wealth preservation, entity formation, environmental law, international law, land use law, estates and probate, trust issues, alternative dispute resolution, animal law, nonprofit law, ecclesiastical law, trademarks, copyrights, collections, foreclosures, evictions, constitutional law, civil rights, toxic torts, consumer protection, fraud, unfair practices, antitrust and unfair competition, partition, declaration of death, administrative law, appellate law, brief writing, ocean law, maritime law, admiralty law, general legal research, Hawaiian law, Native American law, municipal law, fair debt collection practices act, HOA/AOAO matters, neighborhood disputes, and creative holistic legal problem solving.

I am one of the few attorneys who I know that actually really love law and the messier and more complicated and novel the legal issue, the more fun it is for me to help solve!  Usually, when I take on a case and a client, the limiting factor of what I can do for them is the budget.  At $300/hr with a minimum $2500 non-litigation/ $5000 litigation retainer that must be in the client funds trust account at all times, I do my best with the funds available to help and try to get the job done within the budget provided.

If, after our initial consultation, it does not appear that my firm is a good match for your issue, I will try my best to help you to determine what the right solution might be for you. If the only issue is money, I will work with you on a reasonable payment plan to come up with the funds for the retainer so that I can get started on your matter.  Usually, so long as the client can make consistent monthly payments, a solution for financing the legal matter can be found so that you are not “stuck” with your issue and can move forward in life.

My Areas Of Practice

I am committed to making the law accessible for everyone. Explaining things in plain language is just one of the ways I work to ensure your understanding of your options. I represent clients in many different types of cases, working to practice everything so that I can help people with anything. Some of my areas of practice include:

  • Bankruptcy: Handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, Bankruptcy is not as step backward but a fresh start. I am a big believer in no shame bankruptcies. It is an administrative procedure that truly bankrupt people have clear right to use. There is nothing wrong with needing help from time to time in life. I will guide you through all the steps in the bankruptcy process, using my experience to ensure all aspects of the case are completed thoroughly and in a timely manner.
  • Civil litigation: Civil cases require an intricate knowledge of the law and a strategic mind. I use my insight into a wide range of issues to always seek resolution to each case. I am especially good a writing demand letters and claim spotting, with a special love for counterclaims. If someone is suing you, why not just sue them back? Sometimes it takes an aggressive litigation strategy to get the other side to look in the mirror and see how ridiculous they are being. I enjoy helping your adversaries to see the light so the case can be settled quickly. If the other side isn’t reasonable, they will find that I can be a very formidable adversary. I won’t take a case or make an argument unless I feel strongly that it can win.
  • Estate planning and probate: Planning for the future and managing transitions is a step I enjoy helping my clients with. I assist with all aspects of estate planning, including wills, trusts and elder law, as well as probate and estate administration matters after a loved one has passed. This includes ancillary probate when a deceased person has property in Hawaii but where residents out of state.
  • Collaborative problem-solving in other areas: Collaborative problem-solving in other areas: By applying a collaborative lens to legal matters, I work closely with clients and others to find solutions that suit everyone involved. I will take almost any case if all parties are sincere in their interest to pursue good faith resolution through deep and meaningful creative collaboration to solve real problems. When this works, it can be a beautiful process.  It is a healing process.
  • Holistic lawyering: Holistic lawyering: While this is not a specific area of law, it is the type of honest and 10,000-foot level approach I take to the work that I do. I advise clients on a broad level about their issues, rights, and laws that may apply to their specific situations. I often think out of the box and help my clients and their adversaries to meet their needs outside of the usual simple-minded lawsuit/settlement haggle.  My goal is to come up with meaningful and sometimes creative solutions to prevent a worsening of the current situation that caused a lawyer to have to be called in the first place.  I want to work hard to help you heal the underlying issues that may have caused the legal mess in the first place.

I also represent and counsel clients with the following area:

  • Business Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Corporate Formation
  • Deceptive Practices
  • Ecclesiastical Law
  • Elder Law
  • Fraud
  • Probate
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Foreclosure Defense

Let’s Get Started Together

Take the first step toward resolving your legal matters as a team. Get in touch with me for a free phone consultation. Call my office now at 808-746-2900. You can also send me an email using my online contact form.

I am a debt relief agent. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.