Transforming The Practice Of Law Into A Healing Profession

From bankruptcy and civil law to estate planning and probate, at Lockey Legal LLLC, I strive for collaborative problem-solving utilizing many areas of practice.

Hawaii Law Practiced With A Holistic Approach
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Legal Issues Don’t Have To Be Adversarial

While it is true that facing a legal matter can be stressful, it does not necessarily have to take over your entire life. I’m attorney Lockey White and I understand that you may be very worried right now. I am here to help your legal issue go as smoothly as possible.

I am more than a Lawyer.  I am also an entrepreneur, an artist, a board member, and nonprofit innovator.  By practicing many areas of law and having a broad life experience, I am often able to resolve my clients’ legal needs and advise them on how to make positive change in a holistic manner. Not all legal problems need legal solutions.  And almost all legal issues are interconnected. 

For example, in my probate and estate planning practice, I often encounter elder abuse and real estate law issues. In my bankruptcy practice, I often encounter foreclosure and deceptive practices.  Instead of hyper-specializing and then only treating a small aspect of a client’s legal problem, I try to treat the whole patient.

While I don’t do family law or criminal law, I can refer you to other attorneys who I work well with so together we can help you to navigate your way out of your legal troubles with grace and dignity. While a non-adversarial approach is preferable, when necessary to protect my client’s interests I am readily capable of providing zealous and aggressive representation.

I always start by doing my best to create a positive outcome that is acceptable to all.  After that, I fight as hard as possible so the battle is quick.  Nobody wins with prolonged litigation.

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I Am Here For You 

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As your lawyer, one of my primary duties is to make sure that you understand your rights and options. My job is to explain them in a language that you understand so you can make informed decisions about your case. I will take as much time as necessary to discuss your concerns with you and guide you to the conclusion of your legal matter.

I practice bankruptcy, civil litigation, commercial litigation, real estate litigation, foreclosures, probate, estates, elder law, fraud, deceptive practices, corporate formation, business law and ecclesiastical law. Because many of these areas overlap, I can provide comprehensive solutions to even the most complex matters.

You Will Receive My Full Attention

When you work with Lockey Legal LLLC, you will get personalized, focused representation from me from beginning to end. I bring big-firm knowledge and experience to my firm where I am able to provide clients with the individualized representation they need. We will work closely together, and you will not be passed off to another attorney or paralegal.

The first step is for me to work with you and develop a plan to get the results you need. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chances of taking the correct steps. For a free consultation, please call 808-746-2900 today or fill out my online intake form. From my Hilo office, I serve people remotely and in person throughout the Big Island, the state of Hawaii, and nationally and globally, with a focus on Hawaii-related matters.

Lockey Legal LLLC is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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